Important message from Mr. Gradert

COVID Mitigation Update
Posted on 02/06/2022

Friday a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was issue by a Sangamon County Judge in a case involving students and staff members in over 140 school districts regarding the issuance and enforcement of COVID 19 regulations. The TRO issued prohibits schools named in the litigation from excluding students or staff who object to wearing a mask or those who are close contacts. In addition, it prohibits schools from excluding staff for not testing weekly.

Although West Prairie is not a party or member of this action, it will follow the TRO as long as it is effective. There is an appeals process currently underway that may change the outcome of this in the next several days. Please be patient and understanding of any changes that may follow. 

Monday morning, masks will be recommended, but students will not be excluded for not wearing a mask (this means recommended, but not required). West Prairie will continue other COVID mitigation measures currently in place. (Cleaning, Air Ventilation and Purification Systems, Social Distancing When Possible, Provide Masks, Provide Testing, Etc).  CDC recommendations remain in effect for transportation. 

Thank you