Board Policy


Per the State of Illinois, the powers and duties of a local school board include the development of local policies to guide the daily operations of a school district.

The West Prairie School Board is therefore responsible to formulate, adopt, and modify Board policies.  This process must consider collective bargaining agreements and State and federal law.  Policy reviews and revisions are posted on the agendas of school board meetings.  At least two readings of a policy must occur prior to the adoption of a new policy or revisions to existing policy. Approved policy supports the working relationship between the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

The West Prairie School Board Policy aligns with the Policy Service provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards.  The tabs on the left of this page will guide you through the eight sections of policy.  In the event you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact the Superintendent Office at 309-776-3180.

This portion of the web page is currently under construction.  Please be patient as the hard copy policies are moved to the website.  Complete policy manuals can be found in the main office of each school as well as the Unit Office.  Thank you again for your patience!