Bus Expectation Matrix




Loading the Bus


Unloading the Bus










Cell Phones






· Arrive on time.

· Sit in assigned seat promptly.

· Check for your belongings before you board the bus.


· Be ready to get off of the bus at your stop.

· Check your seat for belongings.

· Make sure the driver sees you leave the bus.

· Stay in your assigned seat.

· Keep hands, feet and belongings out of the aisle and to yourself.

· Keep belongings in backpacks.

· Items are not to be thrown over the seat.

· Keep valuables at home.

· Maintain appropriate noise levels. Outburst and loud noises can distract the driver.


· Keep food and drinks in backpacks or lunch boxes at all times.


· Flashes, photography and video are not allowed on the bus.

· Use earbuds with low-volume.






· Wait your turn.

· Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

· Make sure belongings are not hitting other riders as you load or unload.

· Wait your turn.

· Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

· Say good-bye to your driver.


· Remember the personal space of others.

· Follow directions.

· Talk kindly to others.

· Leave backpacks, coats, projects, instruments, etc. of others alone.

· Talk with those sitting in your seat.

· Adjust to noise level requested by the driver promptly.

· Words should be helpful...not harmful.

· Ask driver about expectations for food, trash and wrappers.


· Inappropriate content of any kind is not allowed on the bus.

· Using cell phones to cause a disruption on the bus is not allowed.






· As the bus approaches, stay in the assigned wait area.

· Use handrail.

· Pushing and shoving will not be allowed.

· Always walk in front of the bus.

· Go directly to your destination.

· Remain seated until the bus is stopped.

· Face forward and stay upright in your seat.

· Keep aisles clear at all times.


· Arrange parent pick up and drop off of large bags and packages.

· Live animals are not allowed on the bus.

· Voices go silent at railroad crossings.


· To avoid the threat of choking, save snacks and treats for home or classroom.


· Keep cell phones on vibrate or silent. This helps with noise levels, especially at railroad tracks.

· Phone calls are only allowed with permission of the driver or in an emergency.

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